“Runway Portraits”

Recently, with the urging and support of a very good friend of mine, I have developed a new style of portraiture that I have been enjoying working with. It is derived from a graphic-art style I was experimenting with a couple of years ago. It involves a great deal of play with layers, hand-painted textures, and a degree of photo reference. The high-energy forms and popping color contrasts make for some fun imagery. I’m sure I’m not the first person to work in this same way, but it has been rapidly becoming a source of almost a “zen-like resetting” of my mindset before working on other projects. The portraits themselves do not take more than a few hours and help me exercise my eye for color and composition.

Considering they have just been exercises and gift art, I am rapidly obtaining a group of people very interested in the style. I recently did a portrait for Marie Claude Bourbonnais, a model from Quebec, Canada. The portrait was based on a series of photographs taken by photographer Gil Perron, and has been received with an astounding degree of notoriety.  I have since received several other commissions from several other models around the world requesting similar portraits.

I believe I shall play with this style a bit more and see where it leads. I owe a great deal of inspiration to my “Madame X” (if you know your John Singer Sargent), Ms. Kristen Paruleski. She and I have collaborated on several works in the past and this style is a combination of her tastes in music, and my taste in color palette 🙂 Wherever this style takes me, I am hopeful that she will remain a part of the creative process.

Take a look at some of the recent work done in this style:

Model: Marie CLaude Bourbonnais

Model: Denise Milani

Model: Kristen Paruleski

Model: Kristen Paruleski

Model: Marie Claude Bourbonnais

Model: Kristen Paruleski

No plans CURRENTLY exist to make prints of these available to the public, but it the demand rises, I may set something up.


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Zach Fischer is a Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating content for video games, comics, and feature films.
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