How I handle commissions

I would like to outline here the simple process for commissioning me for work.

I am available for most commission requests. My prices and turn around times will vary based on a few different factors:

  1. size of the requested piece
  2. media or materials (What it’s drawn with i.e. pen and ink, pencil, marker, charcoal, digital, etc.)
  3. degree of finish (How detailed the piece is)

I am open to most requests in terms of content. I specialize in characters, portraiture, and abstract design work, but am comfortable working in different styles and with many different ideas. Depending on the request, especially for portraiture, you may be asked for several reference photographs for me to base the work on.

You can contact me about a commission either by submitting an “Alchemy Request” at my etsy store listed here : or by sending me a direct e-mail to my Gmail address:

In the request or e-mail, be as descriptive and precise about what you are requesting as possible. The more specific and detailed you are with your request, the more successful your piece will be.


  • Include photo references, websites, reference materials to coincide with your requests
  • Get into specifics about dimensions, how you intend to display the piece
  • Talk about what the piece means to you and what it needs to communicate visually.


  • Send single phrases that you want me to just develop an idea around like “Hats” or “People in shoes” (I’ve actually received both of these requests in the past)
  • Say things like “I don’t know, just use your creativity”. Unless you are commissioning me to design something specifically from scratch, try to cut out as much guess-work for me as possible. This saves me time, and you money.
  • Expect to keep asking for free revisions. I have a set price for additions and revisions that is added to the end total. This is where it comes in handy to be specific and detailed about what you want, it saves you money on revisions later.

Once we have agreed upon an idea and a price, I will begin work on the image. The buyer will receive one free round of revisions at the sketch phase. During this revision stage, they may make requests for additional information, a change in aesthetic/style or even size. Once the revision is made, the buyer will be shown the updated sketch and production on the final piece will commence. Any revisions or changes requested after the initial revision stage will be charged on a set rate per hour based on the other aspects of the piece (Materials, size, level of detail).


I take payments through PayPal via the internet, or if a rare occasion affords itself that we are able to meet in person, cash works as well. All prices will be agreed upon by both parties before any transaction is made, all additional fees for revisions or additions will be dealt with as needed. Payments must be received in full before any work is done.

All refund policies having to do with requests handled through are listed on my shop’s policies page.

Thats pretty much it! It’s pretty easy! I’m easy to work with and eager too! Contact me with your ideas soon as sometimes my requests can pile up 🙂 If you have any questions please post them in a comment on this post and I will do my best to answer them for you.


About zachfischerart

Zach Fischer is a Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating content for video games, comics, and feature films.
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