Stepping into the REAL fantasy world: The Medieval Faire

Anyone who knows me, and now, those of you who don’t, know that I am quite a medieval fan. I love the culture, the styles, the history, the weapons, the technology, the dress, and the music. So where better for a Renaissance geek like myself to go than the Great Lakes Medieval Faire. This faire runs for 6-8 weekends or so in the summer in Geneva, Ohio. It was my first time to the GLMF and my first time to ANY sort of ren faire in about five years. I must say that the GLMF boasts a wonderful cast, excellent food, authentic and talented costumers and merchants, as well as top-notch live entertainment. I myself fancy the numerous medieval games including axe-throwing, knife-throwing, and archery. I tried my hand at all three this weekend and I must say, I’ve gotten a little rusty, but I still got it hahaha! It was a great time, and thanks to a good friend of mine, Ms. Rachel DeMay, who was in town visiting form Los Angeles, I got to even get a behind-the-scene look at this wonderful faire. Its a different experience when you step IN FRONT of the pen and pencil and actually take on the personna of a fantasy character. I myself fancy the dark ranger look, and I think I was able to pull off the look and feel pretty well. So if you’re ever in Ohio on a summer weekend, you might want to take a trip to Geneva and stop in to the Great Lakes Medieval Festival and have a “better-than-faire” time. 🙂


About zachfischerart

Zach Fischer is a Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating content for video games, comics, and feature films.
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One Response to Stepping into the REAL fantasy world: The Medieval Faire

  1. E says:

    Haaa, busting out the ol’ black leather armour. What do you think you are, a rogue? We BOTH know, deep down, you’re a frosty mage at heart. This reminds me of the end of The Golden Summers when we went to Mangey’s house and to that renfair…

    Oh, hold on, I gotta go kite these pixels…

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