When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

So to answer Periscope Studio’s sketch challenge this week in celebration of the release of Thor, I was compelled to revisit the god of thunder. In the early summer of 2010, after coming home from my internship with Periscope, one of the first sketches I completed was a grey scale marker drawing of Thor.

Now behold the new version. In NEW VIBRANT COLOR!

While this new version took a while longer than the marker version from the summer, I think you’ll find that it is a considerable improvement, though still not quite as good as I’d like. I will admit, I was highly influenced by the work of Olivier Coipel for this piece. Also, I was helped along in the process by Periscope Studio members Ron Chan and Ben Dewey (my brother), so due credit and gratitude goes to them as well! Enjoy! And if you haven’t gone to see Thor yet, I highly recommend it!

To see the awesome Thor pieces done by the artists of Periscope, click here!


About zachfischerart

Zach Fischer is a Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating content for video games, comics, and feature films.
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