“TIE Fightin’ Gal” kicks off the pin up series!

After showing my initial color flatting of this piece to several members of Periscope studio, I was told that the piece was strong as it was and didn’t need any shading. While this was undoubtedly encouraging, it was also a bit revelatory. Obviously their urging to avoid adding any more to the piece must have come from somewhere. “Why? Why not continue on with this piece and make it as I originally forsaw in my head?” After some thought it dawned on me. My problem was that I would often add more detail than was necessary and ultimately detract from the clean and pure look of the piece. With that in mind, I saved the original version of the file, and set out to add shading but in a VERY subtle way. I wanted to see how subtle I could get. How few lines I REALLY needed to portray my vision. Surprisingly, while I was putting down fewer brush strokes, I was taking longer than usual. This was because every stroke was a decision. It was refreshing, and ultimately I feel the piece still communicates visually in a clean manner while still having all the little goodies of detail stitched in where it is more effective. This one was certainly a challenge, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks again to the awesome Miss Rachel DeMay for collaborating with me on this piece.With more pinups on the horizon, I feel I’ve thrown the gauntlet for myself in terms of quality. Good start to the series I believe! This piece will be one of the first available for prints once I get my print shop up and working. Also, I’d still like to do an alternate version, making it a little more “propaganda poster-esque” with a catchy slogan. I am opening the idea up to others to see what everyone else would like to see! So submit Ideas!


About zachfischerart

Zach Fischer is a Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating content for video games, comics, and feature films.
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