A foray into the ways of Alphonse Mucha.

I’m a man on a mission. My goal is to raise enough money in the next week or so to buy a plane ticket to attend NYC comic con 2011. I attended last year and it was one of my favorite all-time con experiences. I got to meet some really awesome people, make some great connections, not to mention check out some of the latest comics swag and spend some time with some good friends from college and the other inhabitants of “Apartment Jones.”
This year however, brings with it several amazing opportunities for yours truly. Not only will I be able to spend time in NY making awesome connections, but in addition will get to meet up with Marie-Claude Bourbonnais again, Meet the infamous Riki LeCotey in person finally, and who knows, maybe a few other of the Cosplay For A Cause gals. In fact I am intending to complete a piece this coming week as a promotional illustration for CFAC. Hopefully prints will be made and sold all for charity! It’s a a super cool way to help out. I already have my calendar hanging on my wall, so where’s YOURS? www.cosplayforacause.com

On to the main topic of this post. As I stated earlier, I am attempting to make money to go, so therefore…CHEAP COMMISSIONS of AWESOMENESS! The first out of the box this week was my friend Robare of the excellent band The Rose West. Check their music out here: www.therosewest.com
Robare requested an image featuring several original characters that are the influence behind The Rose West’s upcoming album, “When The Road Darkens”. The character descriptions that Robare gave were exceptionally well-written and easy to visualize.
I began fleshing out some ideas…

These two ideas seemed to stick, so I showed them to Robare. I wanted to integrate the fun flourishes and filigree already associated with the band, so borrowing a page from one of my current obsessions, Alphonse Mucha, I began work on the second composition

I began noticing that I was beginning to blend elements of several of my favorite artists, including H.R. Giger (the guy who basically designed “Aliens”…he’s got all that cool drippy looking organic sinew). You can see it integrated into the base of the um….tree trunk?
Anyways, after inking it, it was starting to look nice. Robare will be getting this original inked page all to himself 🙂

Now of course, being an artist dealing in mainly digital work, I couldn’t help but take this opportunity to hone some new coloring techniques. Also wanting to experiment with more Mucha-esque design. After all was said and done, I feel it came out quite nicely.

It shall make a fair print to be certain, and who knows, perhaps it will be used to promote the album. This week brings more commissions, but it’s never too late to get yours in. You can contact me directly via e-mail and we can work out a deal! Help send me to NYC! Time is running out! Stay posted because I will have more prints for sale (in addition to the awesome stuff that’s already up) on my Etsy this week!


About zachfischerart

Zach Fischer is a Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating content for video games, comics, and feature films.
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