A sketchy night…[Warning! Spoilers!]

Often in the life of an illustrator, he or she will find themselves in the situation of biting off more than they can chew professionally. When this happens, they can either fold under the pressure and drop some of the work, or they can push themselves to the absolute limits of their focus, speed, and ability to stay lucid in a caffeine-driven haze 0f sleep deprivation. I tend to choose the latter. Thank gods for 24/7 coffee shops. Working on a good number of commissions simultaneously means I need to get the ideas fleshed out first and work on them concurrently. So I figured I would be the conscientious artist and post some work that I don’t usually get a chance to post because I usually take less time at the sketch stage of image development. Admittedly, this is a bad habit. One I am taking steps to break myself of. As a result, you, my visitors and viewers get to see some early-stage sketch work of some projects I am currently working on. Then you can get all excited and you’ll want to check back to see how they are coming along, right!?

First, another piece using the Mucha style I’ve been loving so much lately. Lady Justice in all of her glory for my mother. The main challenge of this piece is going to be the fabric.

Next, a piece of Star Wars art for my little nephew, Jake.As a toddler, he already knows the power of the dark side…

To follow that up, some more Star Wars art for my friend Jynnilin. Her two favorite Star Wars gals duking it out in an epic lightsaber battle in the Jedi temple.


And finally, the piece that I am most proud of from a technical standpoint. A composition containing 16 female figures of varying heights, attitudes, and shapes…all with equal compositional prominence. This piece is an illustration I am doing as a charity donation in conjunction with Cosplay For A Cause. The plan is to make prints of the final product and sell them, donating all proceeds to the folks over in Japan still hurting from the quakes earlier this year. So DEFINITELY stay tuned for this one!

All of this progress in between stimulating bits of intellectual conversation with topics spanning from immortality, advanced architectural engineering, nano-tech, to crime rates, biblical discrepancies and drunken tirade stories.
Overall a productive night, but my day has only begun, for now it’s time to begin penciling them all… -_O


About zachfischerart

Zach Fischer is a Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating content for video games, comics, and feature films.
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