Several months back while watching Ironman, I had a funny little idea pop into my head involving Ironman and The Rocketeer. It took me months to finally feel ready to draw it out, and it’s slightly more crude than my usual posts, but enjoy.

I plan to make this available for prints in the coming week, so if you enjoy it, stay tuned 😉


About zachfischerart

Zach Fischer is a Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating content for video games, comics, and feature films.
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One Response to Rocketmen…

  1. I like the concept, the use of negative space and I think the rendering is top notch.

    I will say that Iron Man’s gesture (with a wasp-waist) makes him look more ‘come hither’ and feminine, than boastful (which is what I assumed you were aiming for.) On the next go-around, really plan the poses by doing a few different sketches at varying layers of finish and get people to pose for you before you start. If you can’t find a willing model then find a mirror and pose yourself you see how realistic your sketch is.

    Little things, like pointing the toes, make a drawing of a woman look more womanly (according to my ‘lady drawing guru’ Colleen Coover) but you might not want to evoke that in your male figure. Take a gander at the way in which many of the contemporary artists on “Iron Man” draw the armor. If you get locked down in how it works structurally, but you can’t fit a person in it, that will present problems for the plausibility of your image.

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