Heroes of the North Chibis

“Chibi” is a Japanese slang term meaning “small person” or “little child” and has become synonymous with a specific style of drawing cartoon figures where the proportions are dramatically skewed and designed to present a cute and cuddly version of a particular character or creature.

I was approached several months ago by my friend MC to do a series of Chibi drawings related to a top secret project she is working on. After some research into exactly what constitutes the style, I presented her with a sample. She was very pleased with it and decided to show it to a friend of hers who is a creator for the Canadian web series Heroes of the North  (which she also happens to be an actor for). The producer contacted me about the idea of doing a series of Chibis based on the main characters of the series. Since I was already a big fan of the series, I was naturally excited to get to work. Thus far, I have finished two and plan to do more this week. I have obviously added my own flare to the style, so we will see where this goes. It’s fun to take a break from more intricacy-oriented work and just do some downright cartooning once in a while 🙂



About zachfischerart

Zach Fischer is a Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating content for video games, comics, and feature films.
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2 Responses to Heroes of the North Chibis

  1. Kaitlin Wheeler says:

    I loved meeting you at ECCC. I was not allowed to re-enter the con to get my comic from you. Please contact me at 971-275-0171 so I may figure out how to get it from you? Thank you very much!

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