ECCC 2012 part 1: The Mini Comic!

After my first comic convention tabling as a pro, my mind is reeling, my back is aching, and I’m very very tired…but very very satisfied and extremely excited! I will go into many details in the coming week about my experiences and thoughts, as well as tips for those of you who may be thinking about tabling for the first time that I found to be extremely useful. For right now though…I would like to post the pages of my free mini comic for all to read and see. I have plenty of hard copies left, and will be including them as little gifts to friends and those who order prints and commissions from me on Etsy until I run out. I gave out HUNDREDS of these! So here they are for all of you who missed making it out to Seattle this year!



About zachfischerart

Zach Fischer is a Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating content for video games, comics, and feature films.
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2 Responses to ECCC 2012 part 1: The Mini Comic!

  1. I just wanted to thank you for the bust picture of my Drow Elf! My husband also bought one of your prints, you rock! The scavenger hunt was a good idea and made wandering through the masses a little more bearable. 🙂

    • Thank you very much! It was one of my favorite commissions of the weekend. I will be posting photos of it soon 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the scavenger hunt! I may have similar events and games planned for future conventions, so please by all means continue to stop by and see what I’ve cooked up in the future XD

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