Zach Fischer is a 28-year-old professional freelance comics artist and illustrator. Originally hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, where he graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art (2008) with a degree in video game design. He has worked on several independently developed video games as a concept artist and art/creative director. In 2010, an internship with Periscope Studio brought Zach to Portland, Oregon where he now resides, and helped bolster his career as a professional freelance artist.

His work has been described as “adaptive” as he is comfortable working in an extremely broad range of styles and mediums. Most of his work is completed using a combination of traditional and digital techniques to create a perfect blend of old-school and new-school. Zach is comfortable working in a variety of genres including but not limited to steampunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, manga, american cartoon, superhero comics, and pinup. He has worked on logotypes, user interface, comics, portraiture, commercial illustrations, pinups, cover art, and much more in his short career.

Personally, Zach is a self-proclaimed nerd. When he isn’t drawing (which isn’t very often) he is watching anime or sci-fi films or television, playing MMORPGs, reading fantasy or sci-fi novels, checking Facebook for updates by his favorite cosplayers, or all of the above simultaneously. He is an extremely personable, well-read, and articulate individual with quirky mannerisms, and a polite and extremely friendly nature.

Zach is currently working on a number of ongoing projects including a series of character-based illustrations, a series of illustrations featuring well-known cosplayers, a comic book series expected out late 2013 called “Viris” which is described as “Roman Sci-Fi”, and an ongoing tumblr blog called “The Nerd Confessional”

Jonathan Case, Adam Hughes, Gil Elvgren, Stuart Imonen, Benjamin Dewey, Ron Chan, Ron Randall, Steve Lieber, Terry Dodson, Jim Lee, Frank Cho, Glenn Rane, Samwise Didier, Gabriel Hardman, Dustin Weaver, Alex Toth, Jack Kirby, Aaron McConnell, Chris Samnee, Wang Wei, Jose Cintron, Wesley Burt, and others.


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