deathwing M&D_2012 totchu waspRobocop (2)      300_color jurassic alien Medusa_flat  Monika symbiote chun-li

wonderwoman vash TMNT spike spawn Skeletor samus river rei predator optimus major leeloo illidan hellboy goliath ezio edward deadpool darthvader darkwingduck daenarys cloud batman ash

  ironman  xiu_flat Dazzler laracroft tie_fighter_detail  CFAC_01

Comics work

viris_page_1 viris_page_2 viris_page_3 ashcan_4&5 viris_page_6viris_page_7 komodo_04_colored komodo_08_colored komodo_10_colored komodo_11 dl_fantasy_pg0201.jpg    

Game-related work




Chibis for Heroes of The North :


Convention Sketches

557657_3813958509881_1335092668_n rose_zatanna taki thelastofus    swamp     12155_296062063855326_95720034_n 150306_226252324169634_428073936_n 184140_517722454322_512011992_n 246665_226251674169699_1850509714_n 293567_279887428699275_197130220308330_948634_1220566624_n 317614_510140673272_143100297_30238091_221798321_n 383517_226252370836296_1977415552_n 408481_226252394169627_463525793_n 422864_517709854572_1670561219_n 526254_296061440522055_1256650942_n 550059_295562487238617_628054037_n 553105_295562190571980_1051771938_n 599208_295561953905337_594408667_n 602896_296569007137965_245739269_n


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  1. Tks for putting me in 🙂 MC xox

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