I am available for commission requests. Please note that as the number of requests I may currently be processing varies, my availability and turn-around times will vary as well. I am open to most requests in terms of content and am comfortable working in many different styles and formats. Dependent upon the request, especially for portraiture, you may be asked for several reference photographs.

In the request, be as descriptive and precise about what you would like as possible. The more specific and detailed you are with your request, the easier it will be for me to fulfill it.

Please include in your request:

  • Size
  • Media
  • A short description
  • Expected turn-around time
  • Any relevant photo reference material you feel would be helpful

Price of the commission will vary depending on several key factors:

  1. Size (standard sizes include 300dpi for digital files or commonly used paper sizes)
  2. Format/Media (digital file, watercolor, ink, marker, etc…)
  3. Complexity (detailed backgrounds, number of figures in the image, likenesses, and other variables all add to complexity)

Revisions will be granted at my discretion dependent upon the complexity of the commission. Additional revisions may also be requested for a fee.

Payment must be received before any work on the commission will commence.
Both parties will agree upon a final price before any work will be performed. 
For commission requests $200 USD and above, half the total payment amount will be required up front and the other half upon completion. Online commission request payments are handled through PayPal or money order.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

All commission requests and further inquiries will be handled by sending an e-mail outlining your request to:


One Response to Commissions

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Hi Zach,

    My name is Nathaniel and I’m the Lead Developer for Diaries Resurrect, a custom L4D mod. Part of its release involves a promotional animation that goes in depth on the intent and purposes of the diaries themselves. I have gathered sound engineers, sound designers, voice actors and actresses and possibly an animator. The only thing missing are concept work for the characters and possibly inanimate objects. I have reference material available and would gladly love to work ‘with’ you in bringing this project to its best potential. I also cannot afford to pay, the compensation is non-paying though I would greatly ask that you consider the opportunity. The audience will be wide and if done correctly, the right kind of exposure for all is highly possible.

    write back at your soonest convenience so we can discuss this further,

    Thank you,


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