BIG GIANT update of greatness!!!

I owe you all an apology for not updating nearly as much as I would like, but when you have months as busy as I have both socially and professionally, well…things like this tend to take a backseat to turning out pages!!!

Where to begin…
Well to start with, I have been doing a lot of assisting work drawing and inking backgrounds for such talented artists as Steve Lieber and Karl Kesel. With Steve Lieber, I have been working uncredited on backgrounds for Alabaster (Dark Horse) and Superior Foes of Spiderman (Marvel), both available at most comics retailers. I also did background inking on an issue of Wolverine (Marvel) for Karl Kesel for which I was officially credited!

wolverinecover credit supfoescover

In addition to the steady stream of assisting work which has been flowing across my desk, I have been fairly busy creating other comics.

I was contracted to create a twelve page origin story comic for Heroes of the North (my second story with them!). I was responsible for pencils, inks, AND colors! The story was written by Yann Brouillette and is titled “Komodo”. In it we follow the origin of a new villain in the HoTN universe.

komodo_04_colored komodo_08_colored

komodo_10_colored komodo_11

The BIG news is that I have begun work on my creator-owned comic series with my good friend and writer, Travis Webb. Tentatively named “VIRIS“, it is a Roman science fiction story based in an alternate universe where the gods of ancient Rome were very real and exerted their influences to keep the Roman empire from collapsing. In this alternate version of history, Rome went on to colonize the entirety of the earth, violently if necessary. A tenuous peace has reigned for a decade or so with the final human war, and it has been centuries since the gods made their presence known to the world. Their existence has since faded into legend. Several gods, being bored with the peace have decided to enter into their own godly wager over who is best suited to decide the future evolutionary path for mankind. These gods begin to alter their followers into champions of their individual twisted designs to meet each other in combat. Into this perilous game enters Anah…a seemingly average young woman who has been plucked from mediocrity to represent Jupiter in the wager. Anah takes this opportunity to fulfill her own aspirations and rise above her humble upbringing. She has a lot to prove, but she is far stronger than anyone, god or human alike, could have foreseen.

I created a mini comic for Rose City Comic Con to introduce the series. The plan is to have the first issue ready to be released by the new year with additional issues following every 2-3 months for a total of six issues.

front_cover  viris_page_1 viris_page_2 viris_page_3ashcan_4&5 viris_page_6viris_page_7

With all of the comics goodness, I still had time to whip out some fun commissions and sketches at Rose City Comic Con 2013, which was a great experience all around!
Here’s a look at some of my con sketches!

rose_zatanna taki thelastofus

I can’t wait to have more to display!!! Thanks for stickin around!

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It’s been a while!

Sorry to keep all of you in suspense over the past few months but they have been busy ones! I exhibited at Emerald City Comic Con 2013 in Seattle Washington in March and it was an absolute success! I had been preparing for nearly two months ahead of time and brought with me a large selection of new work that I have for sale now on my Etsy store.

I was also in the runnings to appear as a contestant on “Strip Search”, a reality show produced by the creators of Penny Arcade. I made it to the final 30 or so applicants out of around 800 before being cut final round of selections. Perhaps next year!

I have been working feverishly over the past couple of months doing assisting work on several Dark Horse and Marvel comics!!! I have been pencilling and inking mainly backgrounds for Steve Lieber and Karl Kesel of Periscope Studio on issues of “The Superior Foes of Spiderman”, “Wolverine”, and “Alabaster Wolves”. I am not able to post much about those at the present moment, but as soon as I am able to, I will!

In the mean time, I’d like to present a series of illustrations I did to sell as postcards at ECCC 2013. Each character was voted on and selected by followers of my Facebook Page 

ash batman cloud daenarys darkwingduck darthvader deadpool edward ezio goliath hellboy illidan leeloo major optimus predator rei river samus Skeletor spawn spike TMNT vash wonderwoman

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The Nerd Confessional

There was some talk several months back about beginning a series of illustrations that highlighted some of the novel experiences that come with viewing the world through a very specific filter. When one dedicates themselves to a passionate love of all things nerdy, they tend to begin perceiving their world in a very different manner than others do. While these experiences may be very specific and subject to personal preference, the world as seen from a nerd’s perspective is a profoundly different place. My new Tumblr blog seeks to illustrate just a few of these moments. Ladies, gentlemen, other humanoid lifeforms and cybernetic beings, I proudly present the beginning to what I hope to be a long and illustrious to-do….
The Nerd Confessional

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Flurry of new work!

I am currently working on a number of new projects!!! Firstly though, I am proud to announce that my submission piece for the Monsters & Dames 2013 artbook has been accepted!!! Meaning I will once again have a piece published in the limited edition book for sale ONLY at Emerald City Comic Con 2013!!!


Next!!! After my work on the Femme Robocop piece for Adam Jay’s Super Hero Photography. I have been asked to work on a top secret project for him involving some pretty cool characters. I haven’t too many details to share at the moment, but here’s a couple of drawings!!!

Lyra Mithranod_flat

Next, I have completed the first in a more refined version of my upcoming blog postings entitled “Nerd Confessional” where those little nerdy thoughts that crop up in your head, end up on my drawing board as humorous anecdotes. Like this gem:


Finally, I have been working on a number of commissions and other pieces SIMULTANEOUSLY. Trying out a number of techniques and diciplines. Here’s a brief glimpse of what’s to come! Stay tuned for updates!

Untitled-1 screenshot_01

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Femme Robocop

While at NYCC last month, I tracked down a cosplayer/photographer team I have been following for a bit. Adam Jay and his Superhero photography piqued my interest after I saw a few phenomenal photo sets of the equally awesome costumes by cosplayer Freddie Nova (who coincidentally is from my home town!) While checking out their setup at NYCC booth, I watched them do a live painting/photoshoot of Freddie for the Venom/Symbiote costume. It was very cool! I Also had an opportunity to show my appreciation for Freddie’s cosplay by presenting her with a Copic marker drawing of one of her other costumes, Lady Death.


After returning home to Portland, I continued following their ongoing projects, the latest of which involves constructing a Femme Robocop costume. I love Robocop, especially classic Robocop, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a crack at helping out with a little magic of my own. Hopefully they will be able to put this to good use in reaching their goal to get this made! If you’d like to follow the project and donate a bit yourself (as you should) Here’s the link!

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Monsters & Dames 2013 submission

Once again, I have submitted a piece for consideration in the Emerald City Comic Con 2013  “Monsters & Dames” art book. There are no guarantees that it will make it in, but I surely hope it does! It was an excellent experience being part of last year’s art book, and I hope to be among the talented artists whose art makes an appearance this year.

The concept behind this one was simple. I just wanted a dynamic image depicting the “dame” in a less vulnerable, less sexualized form. I wanted to depict her, instead, in a more powerful way. What better way than to make her a part cyborg, ass-whooping fighter!? The idea of setting it in this world where there were cigar-smoking gorillas in the audience just made it all the more fun to draw. I actually plan to take this concept into the execution of a 24 page comic. The story is already in development, so stay tuned if you enjoy the concept 😉

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Chen Stormstout! Just in time for the release of the new WoW expansion, “Mists of Pandaria”

This one took a while to finish, but here it is! This will be available on my Etsy store next week as a high quality print!

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Vacation in Ohio = Mists of Pandaria print in progress.

Blizzard Entertainment has always been one of my favorite companies in all of nerddom. The opening cinematic to original World of Warcraft is what actually inspired me to get into game art, and illustration. It gives me goosebumps every time I watch it, even to this day. One of my favorite races supposed to be scurrying about the world of Azeroth are the Pandarens, so one could imagine the boyish “SQUEEEE!!!” escaping my lips the day I learned that the next expansion to WoW was going to feature them. They have since released this stunning cinematic in preparation for the September 25th release date. Upon seeing it, there was a singular moment that I decided that I MUST capture in an illustration for my upcoming Rose City Comic Con appearance here in Portland! Here are some photos of the pencils in progress.


I am going to be lightboxing it up for the inks and then later adding digital colors for the print. The originals will also be for sale at my table at Rose City! If you’re planning to attend, be sure to visit me at table A45!!!

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Black Terror and “The Dark Alley”

I was recently hired to work on a story for Heroes of the North written by Yann Brouillette. You may remember me doing a series of chibis for them not long ago. The story follows the character Black Terror as he deviates from his usual dark and gritty surroundings and he falls “down the rabbit hole” into a world of bright colors, talking hearts, and weapon-shaped environment. I won’t spoil the plot of the story, you will just have to wait until it and a number of other stories set in the Heroes of the North world are released exclusively in the upcoming Omnibus #2!

For now, here’s a cover illustration I created for the story!

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God of Thunder

Just an inked Thor piece. Catching up on work, and this was on my to-do list.

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